Employee carrying stack of ribeye steaks.

Did you know we're one of the few supermarkets cutting meat in store? if you don't see what you want, just ask!


Low prices all year long on produce staples from tomatoes, plantains, tomatillos, avocado and chayote squash to bitter melon, Thai and Indian eggplant, bok choy, yu choy, rambutan, star fruit and fresh medjool dates.

Three elephant and Goya jasmine rice, Royal basmati rice, Canilla enriched rice

Jasmine rice, basmati rice, red rice, black rice, brown rice, enriched rice, rice bits, sweet rice, glutinous rice... our rice selection is unbeatable!

Fresh white coconut

We specialize in Latin, Carribean and Asian produce, from different varieties of fresh and dried coconut, plantains, tomatillos, avocado and chayote squash to bitter melon, Thai and Indian eggplant, bok choy, yu choy, rambutan, star fruit and fresh medjool dates.

Ocean Spray Cran-Grape and Cran-Cherry juices.

Whatever quenches your thirst, we're sure to carry it!

Goya pink beans, butter beans and Roman beans

Your one-stop shop for canned and dried beans from around the world, including red beans, kidney beans, giant limas, cannellini, pigeon peas, black beans, yellow chickpeas, green chickpeas, lentils and dal.

Ziyad chickpeas, fava beans, white kidney beans, baba ghanouj and halal corned beef, Sultan chickpeas and stuffed grape leaves

Our Middle Eastern department includes all kinds of chickpeas, hommos, babaghanoush, honey and pickles.

Chickens roasting on rotisserie spit.

Our Deli cooks up rotisserie chicken and fresh fried chicken and chicken wings all day long.

Employee carrying tostadas, plantain chips and Takis.

We carry a full line of Latin American snacks, from chicharrones and plantain to yucca and tortilla chips.

Red Delicious apples

We cover all of your conventional fruit needs, from different varieties of apples and pears to berries, bananas, grapes, pineapples, melon and cut fruit.

Little Debbie snack cakes, including coffee cakes, Ring Dings, Swiss Rolls and Banana Twins

Snack on cookies, cakes and crackers from brands you know and trust like Little Debbie, Tastykake, Nabisco, Pepperidge Farm, Keebler, Entenmann's and Baltimore favorite Otterbein's.

La Escondida Corn Torillas

We stock a variety of corn and flour tortillas, empanada dough and arepas.

Kraft Cheetos Macaroni and Cheese

Noodles galore! Kraft and Velveeta macaroni and cheese and ramen from Nissin, Maruchan and Paldo.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers

You can find all of the major snack brands here, from Frito Lay and Utz to Pepperidge Farm and Nabisco.

La Ricura Crema Salvadorena and Guatamalteca, Rio Grande Crema Mexicana and Crema Centroamericana, La Cremosita Crema Guatamalteca, Mi Canton Crema Salvadorena

Crema and cheeses from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, to name a few!

Employee with cookies.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes and doughnuts from our bakery.

Pork Spare Ribs

We stock all kinds of cuts of pork, Certifed Angus beef, lamb, goat, turkey and chicken.

Jarritos soda in a variety of flavors

Our selection of Latin and Asian sodas and juice is sure to quench your thirst, from Jarritos, FOCO and Naturas to Jumex, OKF, De Mi Pais and Petit.

Maseca, Tortimasa and Masabrosa masa

We carry all the masa you need for tamales and tortillas.

Jalapeno peppers

Jalapeno, habanero, serrano, poblano, Anaheim, long hot, bird's eye... fresh peppers from around the world!

Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines cake mixes

All of your baking supplies can be found here, from Duncan Hines and Pilsbury cake mixes to Jello to alternative gluten-free and nut flours.


The seafood department carries fresh and frozen fish, and shellfish like shrimp, mussels, clams and crabmeat.

Produce department manager carrying fresh corn, standing in front of avocadoes, plantains and butternut squash.

The star of the Markets at Highlandtown, our produce department stocks local and imported produce. We showcase the best of the mid-Atlantic, including seasonal local peaches, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, cantaloupe and honeydew.

Barilla pasta

Pasta from brands like San Giorgio, Mueller's and Barilla pair with a full line of sauces from Prego, Ragu, Classico and more.

Marmarabirlik olives

Olives and olive oil from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Greece.

Puck Creamy Cheese Spread, Aleppo Akkawi Cheese, Aleppo Nabulsi Cheese

Our Middle Eastern and Greek dairy selection is unparalleled. Halloumi, Kefalotyri, Manouri, Akkawi, Nabulsi and Turkish and Greek feta are just the tip of the iceberg.

Milk Bone dog snacks

From dog and cat food to litter to toys, you can find whatever you need for your pets.

Chavalín and Bombolín cookies.

Cookies and candies by Gamesa, Marinela and De la Rosa.

Oxtail and jerk marinade

Our Carribean offerings include everything from callaloo to johnnycake mix to fresh produce like taro, yucca and malanga.

We have Baltimore's best selection of east and southeast Asian sauces, from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Phillipines and India! Chili crisp, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, Shaoxing cooking wine, gochujang, doenjang, wasabi, miso, and all kinds of soy sauces and vinegars and chutneys. Our brands include Lee Kum Kee, Assi, Maesri, Mama, Healthy Boy and Lotte.


The Markets at Highlandtown is a family-owned, independent supermarket with a wide variety of domestic and international items. We keep our prices low and stock foods from around the world.

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